“19: The Musical” Captures the WOW! of a Movement


(January 18, 2019) Who knew that the dynamic and yet little-known story of the suffragists who fought to get women the right to vote could be so entertaining? 19: The Musical blew me away. This “musical” is so much more than song and dance. It’s part of a movement and I was delighted to wrap up the evening for the 2020 One Woman One Vote Festival after seeing vibrant excerpts performed by this hardy band of talented actors. 

The Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital was the setting. I sat next to a young lady who was African American and couldn’t have been more than 10 years old. After the performance, she said it all, “WOW! I had no idea.” I think that was the feeling from most in the audience.  

Writers/Directors Jennifer Schwed and Doug Bradshaw are on to something with this idea and the beautiful music composed by Charlie Barnett. Check out TT4w.com (Through the 4th Wall) to learn more about their story. Seeing this excellent performance sure provided motivation for the audience to go march on Saturday in the 3rd Annual Women’s March in DC. Brava!

Become part of the movement and the 2020 OWOV Festival leading up to the Centennial Celebration of the 19th Amendment in 2020.

Performance of 19:The Musical at the Hill Center. L to R, CinCin Fang, Karen Bralove, Millicent Scarlett. Photo credit: John Nelson


Performance of 19:The Musical at the Hill Center. Starting bottom left, Danielle Marquis, Karen Bralove, Maria Ciarrocchi, Kristen Briscoe, Haylee Green. Photos credit: John Nelson



Rosemary Reed is a producer, director, writer, and owner of Double R Productions, a full-service communications firm in Washington, DC. Reed moderated the Q&A following the performance of 19: The Musical at the Hill Center January 18, 2019 for the 2020 One Woman One Vote Festival.